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Where You Place Your Organs Matters — A Great Deal

Everyone who reads this story is engaged in a noble cause; but it’s also a business. With more demand than ever for research organs, specifically livers, the decisions made by OPOs and the partnerships they forge can impact outcomes and future expectations.

OPO’s Commitment to Research Yields Impactful Returns

Carolina Donor Services (CDS) is ideally positioned to provide non-transplantable organs to one of the most prominent research hubs in the U.S. Early in 2019, IIAM partnered with leadership at the OPO to maximize the placement of more organs for medical research.

eReferral Updates Continue to Reduce OPO Wait Times

Based on suggestions from our partners, IIAM has continued to make system upgrades that improve our entire referral process — the latest of which enables any referring OPO to update referrals electronically.

IIAM Hires Six New Placement Coordinators

To properly manage the increase in referrals, IIAM promoted Brian Bush to Team Leader and expanded its Placement Coordinator team to a total of 15 people.

Andrea Haines an “Easy Choice” for nPOD Hero Award

IIAM is proud to announce that Placement Coordinator Andrea Haines received the 10th annual Hero Award, which was presented by the Network for Pancreatic Organ Donors with Diabetes (nPOD).

IIAM Research Placements Led to a Banner Year for Accomplishments in Medical Research

As 2020 unfolds, we review the significance of major research initiatives from the past year and renew our commitment to strengthening the partnerships that have led to these achievements.

IIAM Expands Team of Placement Coordinators

IIAM is pleased to welcome Katie Larnard and Caitlin Touhey, who recently completed their training and are independent per-diem Placement Coordinators.

Electronic Screening and Referrals Up and Running

We are pleased to report that, as of December 2018, Electronic Screening and eReferrals and have been operational — greatly reducing the time IIAM staff spends talking on the phone and inputting data.

2019 Recovery Workshops Hosted by “Champions of Research”

IIAM’s Research Recovery Workshops, now in its 12th year, took place at the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LOPA) in Covington, LA, and Donor Alliance (CORS) in Denver, CO in March and August, respectively.

Neonatal Donors Reach for the Stars

Expecting parents who receive a fatal diagnosis for their baby can be overwhelmed by the gravity of the situation. IIAM’s Neonatal Donor Program, which began in 2012, has given these families an opportunity to add meaning to their babies’ all-too-brief lives.

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