About IIAM

Medical researchers throughout the world study donated human organs and tissues to uncover the pathology of various diseases and develop effective treatments and therapies to help combat and, where possible, cure them.

THE INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MEDICINE (IIAM) is at the forefront of providing non-transplantable organs to the medical research community for purposes of combatting and curing disease. IIAM has unprecedented collaborations in the U.S. to source livers and other organs for groundbreaking medical studies, therapeutic applications and pre-clinical investigations targeting a range of debilitating metabolic disorders.

As a nonprofit with more than 30 years of experience in the field, IIAM is a known and trusted partner to both organ procurement organizations and research institutions worldwide. IIAM works closely with them to honor donor and donor family intentions to the fullest by anticipating the next frontier of research requiring human tissue. IIAM leads the way in educating the next generation of researchers so that every donor’s legacy leaves the world a healthier place. IIAM is a wholly-owned division of MTF Biologics, a global non-profit organization based in Edison, NJ, together fulfilling our mission to save and heal lives by honoring donated gifts, serving patients and advancing science. For more information, please visit www.iiam.org

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