Updates on Neonatal Donation

Neonatal research, discussions and news from neonatal families.

NEW: IIAM Article on Neonatal Donation

Organ and tissue donation is a life-saving and life-enhancing act made by families who have lost a loved one…

Carrying to Term Interview

Driven by one family’s determination for a positive outcome after receiving a terminal diagnosis of their prenatal baby, IIAM sought to help and, in the process, established its Neonatal Donation Program.

IIAM Starts the New Year with a Return to the Rose Parade

After a transcendent experience participating in the 2016 Rose Parade, IIAM made its second appearance at the 2017 showcase event, along with another neonatal donor family.

Neonatal Donation for Research Gaining Momentum

Over the past five years, IIAM has had the privilege of helping some very special families turn a tragedy into a life-affirming experience. Today, parents who receive a non-survivable diagnosis for their baby during pregnancy have more opportunities to create a lasting legacy by donating his or her organs and tissue for medical research.

Guidelines for Neonatal Research Donors Being Developed by IIAM

Many families who receive a non-survivable diagnosis for their baby during pregnancy inquire about organ donation. Too often, they’re told there are no options. In 2012, with the commitment of an exceptional couple, a team of OPO staff and medical professionals, IIAM helped shatter that perception.

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