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IIAM Researchers

Against all odds, IIAM stayed-the-course and placed almost 700 organs for research, ~100 per month, since the onset of COVID-19.  Together with our network of recovery partners and researchers, we persevered in honoring the Donor Gift while simultaneously advancing medicine! 

Conducting research with human tissues enables faster development of more efficacious drugs with improved safety profiles and an enhanced understanding of basic disease processes that directly affect humans.

The Heart of Lifesaving Discoveries

November is National Diabetes Month!  IIAM has been instrumental in supporting diabetes research, placing nearly 350 pancreas for medical study over the past 4 years to help researchers find a cure for Types 1 and 2 diabetes!

Conducting research on non-transplantable human organs and tissues is the best way to understand the processes of diseases, discover treatments and cures, and enhance the development of safe and effective drugs. For more than 30 years, through our network of every U.S. organ procurement organization, IIAM has been serving the medical and scientific communities by making these non-transplantable biomaterials available for research. IIAM has access to over 25,000 organs and tissues annually, leading to discoveries that have the potential to cure or prevent diseases. IIAM links donors to the scientific community conducting vital medical research.

Sam Popa, Certified Ex Vivo Lung Specialist at Lung Bioengineering, said “IIAM’s expertise in every area frees us to do our work without worry. Their large network of OPO partners nationwide provides great access, and their screening capabilities ensure that the organs meet our specific inclusion/exclusion criteria.”

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