IIAM Pre-Clinical Liver Study: Donor Gifts Treating Patients

Click here to review criteria for this pre-clinical study.

E-referral information:

  1. If the e-referral system is not responding or you are referring a neonatal donor, please call 800-486-4426.
  2. At this time IIAM is accepting only primary offers for all organs with the exception of livers which are primary and back-up.
  3. Submit updates on active e-referral cases using the e-referral system!
  4. If you document an O.R. time and it is not actual, please clarify in the “Case Notes” section if the time is estimated or unknown.

Until further notice, IIAM will not screen referrals from HIV+, HBV+, HCV+ and Syphilis (RPR + and/or Captia G +) donors with the exception of HBsAb+ donors.

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