IIAM Hires Six New Placement Coordinators

In late 2018, IIAM decided to add levels of service that would enable us, as a preferred placement partner, to maximize our efficiency in organ placement for research. At that time, we offered to back up transplant organs in addition to screening the non-transplantable organs offered. Within a few months, the number of organs offered doubled, and that growth is still going strong. To properly manage the increase in referrals, IIAM promoted Brian Bush to Team Leader and expanded its Placement Coordinator team to a total of 15 people. Veronica Harripersaud, Edward Nieves and Jennifer Senter joined IIAM in 2019; and Jessica McElmeel, Shelly Rasley and Andrew Ward were hired in 2020 from Statline, where they performed IIAM skillsets over the past seven years.

Brian Bush
Veronica Harripersaud
Jessica McElmeel
Edward Nieves
Shelly Rasley
Jennifer Senter
Andrew Ward
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