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IIAM offers educational services and materials about organ donation for research.

NEW: IIAM established a quarterly Research Managers Workgroup to enable Best Practices for Research Placements

IIAM debuted its first quarterly Research Managers Workgroup in August 2020, followed in November by the group’s second virtual meeting.  The Workgroup was designed to create Best Practices among research partnerships. Together, we hope to improve the process of research placement and, ultimately, make the greatest effort to honor the donor gift.  If your OPO has a research focused position and would like to join the Workgroup, please contact Mike Vara or Michele Martynyszyn for more information about our March 2021 session.

NEW: IIAM Article about Neonatal Donation for Research

Organ and tissue donation is a life-saving and life-enhancing act made by families who have lost a loved one.  This article highlights the unique experience of neonatal donor families, medical professionals and ethicists who have paved the way for these smallest heroes to make the biggest difference in donation to medical research. Click here for full article.

IIAM Hosts Webinar about Neonatal Donation for Research

This recorded presentation addresses the many aspects of IIAM’s Neonatal Donation Program from pre-birth plans with donor families and staff through organ placement with research institutions seeking to combat and cure disease. We also discuss considerations for donor families, and issues pertaining to donor recovery and aftercare support.

IIAM Offers Recovery Workshops for Professionals

IIAM provides surgical training to our recovery partners at a nominal cost. Each year, IIAM hosts 2 Recovery Workshops offering educational training to experienced procurement staff about organ recoveries for research. These 2-day workshops include: a hands-on cadaver lab for surgical skill development, and classroom didactics on the importance of offering the option of donation for research to donor families. The workshop also serves to educate recovery staff about the many purposes of organs for research.

* IIAM’s Research Recovery Workshops are on hold during the pandemic until further notice. Please check back for updates or contact your IIAM Regional Director for more information.*

AATB Neonatal Donation Webinar

In collaboration with the American Association of Tissue Banks and their 2019 AATB Webinar Series, we are proud to post “All About Neonates” representing IIAM’s experience as a facilitator of neonatal donation featuring Dr. Gloria Pryhuber, University of Rochester Medicine Center and her work using neonatal tissue in her research; and Laura LeGuin, Louisiana Organ Procurement Organization (LOPA), the leading organ procurement organization with neonatal donation referral and recovery. Please enjoy this overview that has made over 100 donor families’ desire to leave a legacy possible.

Virtual Education Initiative

We want to be part of your monthly meetings so we’ll visit via Webinar! Using cutting-edge technology while saving time, money and travel troubles during inclement weather, IIAM began hosting educational presentations via webinar in 2009 to bring information to its partners on a regular basis. Please let us know if you would like us to visit. Click here.

CMS Regulations

Back in January 2007, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) introduced a measurement on organs placed for research. In addition to recovering viable organs for transplantation, organ procurement organizations are now being assessed by CMS for placing organs for research. IIAM continues to identify new researchers to help ensure that each referral translates into an opportunity to advance medical research.

IIAM provides complete educational and informational support for recovery programs and referral sources offering donor families the option of research donation.

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