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To save lives through donation for transplant; to impact millions of lives through donation for medical research… this is our purpose. Together, with our OPO partners, we help donors and their families give the ultimate gift.

IIAM Rises to the Challenge

Nearly 100 donated gifts were honored through medical research in July 2020. Despite the challenge of 43% of researchers on hold and only 49% of flights available due to COVID-19, we make it happen!

The Vessels that Streamline Progress

The process of providing organs and tissue for research begins with IIAM and our network of all 58 organ procurement organizations (OPOs), our invaluable stewards. IIAM staff work around the clock with OPOs, the frontline for organs and tissues for transplant, and facilitate the recovery of non-transplantable organs for research. These OPOs link us to the donors who we, in turn, link to viable medical research. By promoting research donation through educational in-services and conducting semiannual Research Recovery Workshops, we help OPOs develop more efficient recovery practices and coordination processes to meet the specifications of our research partners. Through this collaboration, we maximize the donor gift while making invaluable contributions to medical science. READ more testimonials below.

IIAM Now Offers eReferrals

We are excited to introduce our eReferrals!  As one of many service enhancements IIAM is making, the eReferral is available to you effective immediately.  This technology will eliminate the need for calls to initiate organ allocation for medical research through IIAM.

Upon confirmation of your eReferral, a donor medical record will immediately be built in our system.  Through our new electronic screening and criteria ‘match runs’, our placement coordinator will commence allocation of organs and contact you with outcomes, achieving a “Referral to Response” in a more accelerated manner.

You can enjoy our tutorial and training PowerPoint that will walk you through the process.  Please contact IIAM’s Administrator on Call at 800-486-IIAM (4426).

Recovery Partner Testimonials

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