IIAM Organ Recovery Workshops

IIAM Recovery Workshop

IAM proudly partnered with LifeSource to host our 29th Research Recovery Workshop.  Sixteen OPO representatives were trained in surgical recovery of organs and tissues to honor the donor gift through medical research.  #TheGoodWeDo #SavingAndImprovingLives

IIAM workshop date TBD. Please check back to this page for future dates.

Upcoming Research Recovery Workshop

“I thought the Recovery Workshop was great. It was so informative for me to hear the issues these recovery folks encounter and also to talk to them about all that we do. The Workshop enabled me to have one-on-one conversations with so many OPO staff and identify what both sides experience.”

With dedication to education and appreciation for the extraordinary efforts our recovery partners experience for the sake of saving lives through transplantation and research, IIAM provides surgical recovery training for our recovery partners. These bi-annual workshops enable these unspoken heroes to receive training about recovery techniques for research organs, and learn about the invaluable results of human organs donated for research.

“As a testament to the great teaching IIAM provided at the recent Recovery Workshop and our earnestness to provide IIAM with organs for research, our recovery team was able to procure its first set of lungs in less than 1 week of returning from the Workshop. We were very excited to be able to do this and are ready to jump in to provide the next set of research organs.” Jen from the Center for Donation and Transplant

Each year, IIAM hosts 2 Recovery Workshops providing educational training to experienced procurement staff from partnering organizations about organ recoveries for research. These 2-day workshops are for OPO recovery partners and include: a hands-on cadaver lab for surgical skill development, and classroom didactics on the importance of offering the option of donation for research to donor families. The workshop also serves to educate recovery staff about the many purposes of organs for research.

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