Honoring Donors and Their Families

The IIAM Virtual Donor Memorial is a memorial created to honor those who have donated organs and tissues for research and medical education through IIAM.

It is with awe, solemnity and gratitude that we view the pictures, read the stories, and pay tribute to these donors.

IIAM Donor Memorial

The Donor Memorial was established in 2003 to recognize research donors for their selfless gifts that help save and improve lives. The Donor Memorial contains beloved objects, photos, letters and poems submitted by donor families. Displayed together, these items form a permanent and very personal memorial of their loved ones.

IIAM’s Donor Quilt, “Stitches of Remembrance”

IIAM’s first completed donor quilt!

Would you like to submit a quilt-square in memory of your loved one for inclusion on IIAM’s donor quilt, “Stitches of Remembrance”? Please contact us for submission instructions.

Greenwood Cemetery

IIAM maintains a burial plot at the Greenwood Cemetery in Allentown, PA.  A gravestone marks this spot and is dedicated as a permanent memorial to all donors.

“In honor and memory of all donors who have helped mankind through transplantation and medical research.”
– Inscription on memorial stone at IIAM burial plot, Greenwood Cemetery, Allentown, Pa.

The Next Place

“I will cherish all the friendships I was fortunate to find. All the love and all the laughter in the place I leave behind. All these good things will go with me. They will make my spirit glow. And that light will shine forever in the next place that I go.”

Excerpt from “The Next Place” Written and illustrated by Warren Hanson; given to IIAM donor families to honor the memories of their loved ones.

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