IIAM Green Statement

In helping to restore our planet to a better place, many companies are recreating systems to improve and preserve the environment and IIAM’s parent company, the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF), is one of them.

MTF is dedicated to effectively and efficiently reducing, reusing and recycling in order to preserve our environment for future generations. MTF is raising awareness of the impact each employee has on the environment and implementing solutions and providing tools and resources necessary to become more environmentally responsible.

Strategies we will use to achieve these goals include:

  • Analyzing MTF’s current business practices and comparing them to best practices
  • Identifying opportunities for change that will achieve the desired reductions
  • Educating and inspiring staff to adopt green practices at work, home and in their community
  • Developing and implementing company-wide green policies and practices that become second nature to all employees
  • Incorporating best practices into any plans for future facility relocation or renovation
    Monitoring our progress
  • Recognizing and celebrating our achievements

To accomplish the above, MTF has created a Green Team consisting of a broad cross-section of MTF’s 1,000+ employees representing different departments and areas of expertise. The Green Team is a ‘green think-tank’ who meet regularly to formulate ways to complete the same tasks without causing any negative impact to the environment.

Some of the ways in which IIAM is participating in MTF’s Green Movement include: obtaining donor charts either via email or DonorNet, scanning charts versus retaining hard copies, always printing double-sided copies, and recycling printed top sheets. IIAM’s newsletters have also been converted from print to email.

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