Welcome Steven Sherer

Steven Sherer, IIAM Manager

Steven Sherer’s first day of work at IIAM was Monday, October 9, 2017, but to some of our staff, he needed no introduction.

Like Carrie Lindower, who is also featured in this issue, Sherer came to IIAM from LiveOnNY (formerly New York Organ Donor Network) in New York City. He started there in 2001 as a Quality Systems Coordinator, became an Organ Placement Coordinator in 2007, and, since 2013, was the OPO’s Donor Center and Recovery Services Supervisor.

In his new role as IIAM Manager, Sherer will oversee the IIAM Client Services Department in Edison, NJ, as well as the IIAM Supervisor, guiding the entire IIAM Placement Coordinator team. He will also work with the IIAM Administration team to ensure that Statline’s customized electronic services become fully implemented (a subject featured in this issue). This will enable us to interact with our OPO and research partners much more effectively.

“Steve is an intuitive, engaging person who is a welcome addition,” said Gina Dunne Smith, Executive Director of IIAM. “Because he knew the nuances and intricacies of organ donation and placement, his transition to IIAM was virtually seamless.”

Sherer agrees that his experience in organ allocation at LiveOnNY translates well to the field of donation for research: meeting criteria, recovering organs and transportation. “During my tenure at LiveOnNY, I could see a growing emphasis on research, as well as a growing appreciation for its value to donor families and medical science,” he said.

“The biggest difference, however, is that an OPO concentrates mainly on donor families and researchers in a local area, while IIAM collaborates with 58 OPOs and hundreds of researchers across the country and borders.”

Sherer feels that his new job is a perfect fit for him. He said, “I’m thrilled to be part of IIAM, and I’m enjoying working with some of my former colleagues at LiveOnNY.” He lives in Staten Island, NY, with his wife Samantha and four-year-old son Alex.

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