Webinar: Communicating Science With Clarity

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Communicating Science with Clarity
A high-energy, 1 hr workshop on Wednesday, March 31st at 1pm EST

How many times have you had to deliver a message recently?
How many of those opportunities did you leave with a sense of satisfaction, knowing with certainty that the message you intended to deliver was indeed received by your audience?

As professionals – not to mention caring human beings – a great deal of our day-to-day activities include sharing and conveying our ideas to diverse audiences. That’s why it’s so important for us to constantly develop and hone this set of skills.

Charisma may be a gift from birth, but each and every one of us can acquire effective messaging and presentation skills, add them to our repertoire and practice and improve them from one opportunity to the next.

From grant proposal interview to international conference, a meeting with the dean to a kickoff with the team, the core components of effective messaging can be applied to advance your goals.

We’ll Touch Upon:

  • Adapting your messaging according to the target audience in question and the opportunity at hand
  • Verbal & non-verbal communication – both what you’re saying and how
  • Messages: clear, concise, customized

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    Webinar Presentor

    Dafna Gold Melchior

    Dafna Gold Melchior

    The webinar will be delivered by Dafna Gold Melchior who has spent the past 20 years enthusiastically helping researchers and entrepreneurs amplify their impact with their high stakes audiences by clarifying their messages. Dafna has clarified communication that has landed multi-year grants, won competitions and established interdisciplinary consortia.

    Link up with Dafna on LinkedIn and visit her site, Let’s Clarify It, where you’ll also find her podcast on communicating with clarity.

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