Review Committees

External Review Committee

As an added layer of integrity when determining appropriate research recipients of donated human organs and tissues for research purposes, IIAM relies on the wealth of experience from an External Ad-Hoc Review Committee (ERC) along with senior staff from MTF Biologics (MTF), IIAM’s parent company, and IIAM.

The members of IIAM’s ERC are subject matter experts who volunteer their time and knowledge to objectively assess new applicants interested in obtaining non-transplantable organs and tissues for research from a medical perspective. These industry experts help determine the medical merit, feasibility and ethics behind each request for organs and tissues referred through IIAM. If you or someone you know may be interested in participating in IIAM’s ERC, please contact IIAM.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of MTF, IIAM is completely accountable to and grateful for the guidance offered by MTF and its executive staff. All Applications and Biomaterial Transfer Agreements are reviewed by MTF’s Medical Director, MTF’s Executive Vice President who has overall responsibility for IIAM, and the IIAM Executive Director.

MTF Ethics Committee

IIAM also utilizes the MTF Ethics Committee to review research requests or protocols as applicable. The Ethics Committee consists of bioethicists, OPO and Tissue Bank Executive Directors and donor family members. Additionally, IIAM seeks the input and approval by MTF’s Donor Family Council, when applicable, from the standpoint of donor advocate.

Technical Review Commitee

IIAM’s TRC applies their technical experience to assist with procedures and selected questions related to the anatomy, procurement, preparation and packaging of IIAM organs and tissues for medical research, education and diagnostic study. The TRC members help develop organ recovery protocols for research through feedback as requested. Please contact IIAM if you or someone you know may be interested in participating in IIAM’s TRC.

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