IIAM and Ambys Medicines have entered into an exciting collaboration for therapeutic application in treating patients with acute and chronic liver failure. Ambys is proud to partner with IIAM and its expansive OPO network in obtaining non-transplantable livers from donors where viable cells can be isolated and expanded through Ambys’ proprietary technology. Ambys Medicines is dedicated to developing a unique, and potentially transformational liver cell therapy product for patients with severe liver diseases. In order to build the materials and generate the data needed to establish this first-of-its-kind cell therapy platform and support its clinical translation, we are in need of near normal human donor livers in order to isolate hepatocytes, which are the cells primarily responsible for liver function. These human donor livers are necessary for developing robust and reproducible manufacturing processes to facilitate production of high quality cell products and to generate the data needed to initiate studies in patients.

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