AATB Neonatal Donation Webinar

In collaboration with the American Association of Tissue Banks and their 2019 AATB Webinar Series, we are proud to post “All About Neonates” representing IIAM’s experience as a facilitator of neonatal donation featuring Dr. Gloria Pryhuber, University of Rochester Medicine Center and her work using neonatal tissue in her research; and Laura LeGuin, Louisiana Organ Procurement Organization (LOPA), the leading organ procurement organization with neonatal donation referral and recovery. Please enjoy this overview that has made over 100 donor families’ desire to leave a legacy possible.

“Without exaggeration I think this was one of the most comprehensive sessions we have had covering an aspect of donation from start to finish.”

– Jon Boyd, CTBS, Director of Certification & Online Learning, American Association of Tissue Banks

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