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When I Rode on a Float in the Rose Parade to Honor My Son's Incredible Gift
Bethany Conkel Helps Raise Awareness for Neonatal Donation

"By riding, I was able to be an advocate for donation, specifically neonatal donation. It allowed me to shine a light on donation for research, an option often overlooked. (In fact, my son is the first research-only donor to ever be represented on the Donate Life float.) It gave me the chance to represent all the other neonatal donors and their families who have given - specifically, the over 50 neonatal families who have given to research since my son's donation in September 2012. It let me raise awareness for both infant loss and for my son's condition, anencephaly. It let me show the world that even a brief life can have a lasting legacy. It allowed a seed to be planted in the hearts and minds of people watching - the realization that a baby can be a donor!"

"Although I was not able to share my story with each person in the crowd that day, I believe just being there, holding his picture, had an impact."
| Read Bethany's Story on

IIAM Launches Neonatal Donation Program
IIAM has established a Neonatal Donor Program to provide neonatal organs and tissues for medical research, education and development. These donors range in age from 5 months gestation to 1 month old, many whom have terminal diagnoses, and are able to be considered for organ/tissue donation for transplant and/or medical research upon death from natural causes. IIAM's Neonatal Donor Program offers this unique service to the research community and to families of babies with terminal diagnoses. In addition to neonatal tissue, IIAM continues to provide non-transplantable organs/tissues from organ transplant donors where authorization for research use has been granted. | Read the full article

Below, view the story of Amalya Nathaniel Conkel, the neonatal baby whose donations provided precious gifts to medical research and led to the beginning of IIAM's Neonatal Donor Program. | See Their Story, Featured on Yahoo's Home Page

Condensed Story (5 mins)

Full Story (10 mins)

Supporting the Family Through Research and Medical Education
IIAM conducted a poster presentation about its new Neonatal Donation Program at the annual NATCO meeting, August 10-13, 2013 in San Diego, CA. View and/or download the poster here.

For more information contact IIAM.

A proud moment shared by IIAM presenters Gina Dunne Smith and Jeremy Brown.

IIAM Discontinues Anatomical/Gift of Body Program
After more than 25 years of serving Gift of Body donor families with respect and compassion, effective September 15, 2013, IIAM no longer offers our Anatomical/Gift of Body Program. There are a variety of options available for Gift of Body donations. Please review your own state agencies as well as explore the many national organizations in the U.S. that specialize in this type of donation.

IIAM Partners with Platinum Training
In January 2012, IIAM's Anatomical Division was acquired by a new partner, Platinum Training. Under the terms of the agreement, IIAM will continue to provide donor family services for its Gift of Body program to families throughout the U.S., working with organ and tissue recovery agencies, hospices and funeral homes. Platinum Training will place anatomical specimens at its own facilities as well as with qualified academic medical researchers, medical associations, and health care and biotech companies currently served by both IIAM and Platinum Training.

Please contact Martin Dean, 702-856-2607, or Tonya Hurt, 702-856-2685 at Platinum Training for Anatomical Tissue requests for surgical education and research.

IIAM Receives the Humane Seal of Approval
The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has awarded the International Institute for the Advancement of Medicine (IIAM) the Humane Seal of Approval. PCRM noted, "IIAM's organs and tissues are invaluable, allowing scientists to perform humane and effective research." | Read the full article

IIAM Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary
2011 marks the 25th anniversary of the International Institute for the Advancement of Medicine (IIAM). With offices in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada, IIAM has been serving the medical and scientific communities in the U.S. and abroad by providing non-transplantable human organs and tissues authorized for research, education and development. | Read the full article

IIAM Presents in the House of Lords, London, England
IIAM was invited to present information about its work at a 1-day conference in the House of Lords focusing on increasing access to human organs and tissues for research in the United Kingdom, October 2009. As a follow-up to the presentation, IIAM was asked to write a paper for inclusion in the September edition of the "Journal of Cell & Tissue Banking" | Read Paper

IIAM Website Wins Award of Excellence
IIAM's website received the Aesculapius Award of Excellence in communication of health information to the public about human organs and tissues for research. | Read the full article

IIAM Virtual Donor Memorial
The IIAM Virtual Donor Memorial is a Flash memorial created to honor those who have donated organs and tissues for research and medical education through IIAM. It is with awe, solemnity and gratitude that we view the pictures, read the stories, and pay tribute to these donors. Join us in the memory of them and their gifts of human organs and tissues for research. Please allow your browser to open this pop-up window.

Launch Virtual Donor Memorial | Submit to the Virtual Donor Memorial

CMS Regulations
In January 2007, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) introduced a measurement on organs placed for research. In addition to recovering viable organs for transplantation, organ procurement organizations are now being assessed by CMS for placing organs for research. IIAM continues to identify new researchers to help ensure that each referral translates into an opportunity to advance medical research.

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IIAM Journal is published by the International Institute for the Advancement of Medicine. We are interested in your questions, comments or ideas for stories in future issues.

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The use of donor organs and tissues is critical to today's medical research. Breakthroughs in treatment for devastating illnesses like Diabetes, Coronary Artery Disease and Cancer are dependent on these donations of human organs and tissues for research.

If you have questions about donation for research, please contact IIAM.


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